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Posted on 08-30-2017

Benefits of Spinal Adjustments From Your Louisville Chiropractor

spinal adjustments

A spinal adjustment offers more than just natural back pain relief in Louisville KY. When you visit our chiropractor at Highland Chiropractic on a regular basis for a chiropractic adjustment, you improve your general health and well-being. That is because spinal adjustments increase circulation, which helps your body heal naturally from injuries and illness. Find out more about why you should consider spinal adjustments for your injury treatment and pain relief. 

What Should I Expect During a Spinal Adjustment?

A spinal adjustment is a natural chiropractic treatment that involves pressure on the spinal joints. This pressure is done with an instrument or manually by hand. When you get a chiropractic adjustment this therapy corrects your structural alignment. It also aids in the circulation of nutrient rich fluid throughout your musculoskeletal system. 

How can a Spinal Adjustment Provide Back Pain Treatment or Other Conditions?

If you have back pain treatment using a spinal adjustment is both safe and natural. A chiropractic adjustment helps to correct misaligned spines, herniated discs, bulging discs, and nerve pain, such as sciatica. If you have back pain caused by inflammation and swelling, which is typical of herniated discs or slipped discs, spinal decompression can help relieve this pressure. As a result, you experience natural pain relief. 

What Types of Services are Available at Highland Chiropractic?

Here at Highland Chiropractic, we offer spinal adjustments and decompression to aid in pain relief and to treat injuries, such as auto accident injuries or sports injuries. We also provide other treatment methods as part of an integrated medicine approach.

These include chiropractic adjustments for children, as well as the use of ultrasound therapy to stimulate healing. Our chiropractor also uses therapeutic exercises as part of physical rehabilitation to increase your mobility and strength. We can also help you with weight loss using all-natural treatments.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Louisville Chiropractor

At Highland Chiropractic we are able to provide high-quality back pain treatment thanks to Dr. Charles Copeland. As our chiropractor, Dr. Copeland offers natural spinal manipulation, as well as pediatric chiropractic, electric stimulation, and cellular cleansing foot bath. Contact our office at 502-454-5000 today to schedule a chiropractic adjustment in Louisville KY.

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