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Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments Form 'Backbone' of Care in Louisville

Familiar hands-on spinal adjustment forms the traditional "backbone" of treatment protocol and patient care, but Highland Chiropractic employs a variety of well-defined techniques in order to relieve pain, treat varied conditions and provide a full range of patient care.

Modern gentle techniques have been developed to supplement basic chiropractic adjustment therapy. Each has a purpose and is recommended for specific complaints. These modern techniques dispel that familiar image of the therapist "adjusting" the spine with an audible "pop."

What Is Spinal Adjustment?

Procedures that are conservative, non-invasive and gentle often are performed with minimal pressure exerted by the therapist's hands; Manipulation is aimed at the soft-tissues and joints and techniques to reduce pain, expand range of motion and encourage spinal return to normal configuration and function.

Areas of the spinal cord that are especially prone to aches and pains are the lower back, known as the lumbar spine, and the upper, or cervical spine that supports the head. But, the spine itself is a tangle of bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves designed to perform a variety of movements and to interact with other parts of the body. With the number of moving parts and interconnected tissues, it is an amazingly supple and strong part of the body.

Unfortunately, a person can sustain a spinal injury almost without realizing it. Many people experience back pain that can be traced to a single inappropriate movement; others live with a dull ache caused by sleep habits, poor posture, stress and anxiety, or as a result of a sports injury or car accident.

Many conditions cause back pain, some of them serious, and some as simple as sleeping on a pillow that is either too soft or too hard. Our chiropractor will take a full medical history and perform an initial examination prior to beginning any sort of treatment, and will then develop an individualized regimen to deal with specific target points and to address particular kinds of pain. Postural diagnosis can tell our therapist a lot about your current spinal health, and a lifestyle analysis may provide important clues, helpful in determining the root cause of your pain.

Primary therapies we endorse, in addition to the traditional/Palmer teachings are:

  • Thompson Technique: This method employs a special treatment table with pneumatically-assisted drop sections used to magnify and expand the action initiated by the therapist. It is used primarily for joint adjustments, and can help improve posture, increase strength and encourage flexibility. It can also contribute to better sleep habits and improved stress tolerance.
  • Sacral-Occipital Technique: By analysis of the total length of the spine in different positions, our trained professional is able to tailor your treatment to address your particular problems. This is a way to restore the "working relationships" of the various parts of the spinal structure.

Do you have unexplained aches and pains? Or, perhaps you know exactly what caused your "aching back." Why not call on our Louisville chiropractor for advice and adjustment?

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